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required. jane gong provided you with a demonstration we're just about to launch. so at our next meeting she will be providing you with the full demonstration, because the tool will be ready to go live on the 28th or shortly thereafter. so all the items that we have been working on and working with the company will be done and complete. the online business portal project update, the comprehensive one, erica has been working on this. we had the departments fill out a comprehensive survey. and so their deadline was this week and we have pretty much all departments' surveys completed and in hand and eric and i are going to start working on that, taking a look at it, both to help with either
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gleaning some information for streamlining and permits to improvements to take but also make the assessment on what it will take to build the comprehensive portal in terms of time and technology needed to develop the portal. and then as a conjunctto that, eric and i have been going out to merchant associations, business associations to solicit participation to get their members for merchant associations/business associations to have their members fill out a business survey and we'll be sending that to you as well, for you to be able to take a look at. to get their feedback in terms of businesses, 0-5 years, we're asking them to fill out a survey about their experience
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in opening a business and then for businesses over five years, we're asking them about their experience about their ongoing engagement with the city. so what improvements do they see? what improvements would they like to see? what would make things easier in terms of their ongoing engagement? you know, obviously we're looking to see what kind of feedback they might give us in terms of direction, in terms of technology improvements and things of that sort. so that is the update. and once eric and i are targeting sort of early-march to have a first sort of glean through of the surveys that we have received from the departments. so hopefully at our second meeting in march, i will have him make a presentation to the commission to provide you with sort of our first run-through of taking a look at the results of the
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survey. i have for you as a copy, in your binder, the tax and treasurer's office has modified their business registration form. it's now a one-page form and it includes the sb1186, sb 1186 requires that each local municipality collect a dollar per business registration or license to go towards inspection or inspectors, mostly with the municipality department of department of building inspection and also for ongoing outreach education, helping businesses in compliance with their construction-related accessibility improvements. of the dollar, $0.70 is to stay in the local municipality.
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$0.30 goes to the state. 5% of that $0.70 goes to administering and processing of collecting the dollar and the rest of the 65% comes back to working on inspectors and helping get inspectors become inspectors with the department of building inspection and our outreach education ongoing and helping businesses comply with the construction-related accessibility requirements. so dbi and i have started a conversation just about how we're going to be constructing working with the funds. obviously right now there is not going to be much money. we'll probably see what after may, when the business registration is due from businesses just how much the allotment will be there. and how much annually we'll be able to work with.
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maximum probably -- it's probably going to be in the $65,000 range per year, with the average of about 80,000 registered businesses. this $1 fee is to be collected from 2013 through 2018. then also a long ada, starting january 1st, with supervisor david chiu's legislation is the landlords are to be working with their new or renewed -- around new leases or renewed leases, there is a form, a joint form that both the landlord and business need to
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sign saying that they have discussion, acknowledgment around accessibility. and then the property owner is to provide them with the brochure, which is the brochure that is in the back of your booklet that chris identified. that has been designed by asian neighborhood design. we did a joint design, so that it's applicable to this requirement for the property owners, but then is also used for our invest in neighbors outreach program. we have -- and after the business registration form is the sample document that landlords are required to use. we have this sample document on the website under our ada page
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in addition, to the brochures. so last month i talked about the ada outreach program that we're doing with the invest in neighborhoods. and we now expanding it into chinatown. i am very pleased to say that this last saturday, northeast federal credit union, along with the chinese benevolent association hosted a workshop for businesss in chinatown. and we had about 68 participants attend. so we are launching the invest in neighbors ada outreach program to chinatown as well. small business week,
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commissioner adams will be providing you with regular report as part of his president's reports, but just wanted to let you know on the staff's side we're working to explore to see if we mike might be able to have a very small kind of tech expo. where we hear there are small business technology companies that have technology that that want to get in front of small businesses and have been asking how they can do that. so we're looking to put together a small business tech expo in conjunction with small business week. there is still details and logistics about where to have it and best time, but we're really working to try to make that something that we can do. then i just wanted to know if you had any feedback around the
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sunday meters at all? >> the merchants? >> the merchants are furious. we haven't heard too much effects yesterday since they haven't handed out tickets yet, just warnings. >> i have received comments and they are not happy about it. >> maybe what i should do, are they individuals who are customers going into merchant areas or is it just in general? >> i think it's a philosophy. they just see it as another tax. >> i wanted to bring up something that was brought up in my neighborhood that is part residential, part commercial, which is people are very distressed because for example, on sampson street, one-half of the street is residential parking. the other half is metered. so
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this now means on weekends, on sundays, everyone has got to park on the residential park. no one is going to want to park on the metered part. so the residents have come to me in distress, and said, now we have no parking. so we won't have any parking because people won't want to park where the meters are. that is maybe something that was unanticipated. i'm curious and i have contacted mta to ask if they had any plans, because i'm sure there are other instances of that, where it's a mixed-use neighborhood. whether they would be considering, i don't know, putting residential in seven days a week. you know, there has got to be some way to work that out. >> stickers. >> i'm sure there will be little nuances, so we have heard over the years there are
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some merchant areas that really want the sunday meters, because residents were parking there all day long. so customers couldn't come and go. so i would like to -- i think the commission, let's just keep our ears open in terms of comments in relationship from the customer base and from the merchant base just about how the sunday meters are going. legislatively, you can read through sort of the updates. just wanted to let you know, at the december meeting we had talked about coming back with reviewing the recommendations that the commission made around the crv redemptionion. i think commissioner ortiz-cartagena brought forward a good potent that if we increase the amount for the large businesses, things don't change and that dollar amount is applied to small businesses as well. so it's really helped
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to give some shape and in directions that we want to look into and research. so i think we should be able, definitely for the first meeting in february, we'll be coming back with you with a much more comprehensive proposal. and then under the "policy" side, christian murdock, our newest staff member in our office has been working on developing a white paper around ada as it relates to building code standards and historical preservations, that at sometimes conflict in what is the best means to working to resolve that from the city family side. so he is just about done with that. so he
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will be providing you with a presentation on those findings at the january 28th meeting. is it the 28th? 28th, right. january 28th meeting. and he is also working on mobile retail and developing that policy. and we're targeting mid-march to have our kind of final proposal or proposals to really work with and vet. so he will be providing you can a presentation at the first meeting in march. excuse me, i said february 11th in my notes. so actually change that. he is going to provide you with a presentation at the february 11th meeting and get your
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feedback and mid-march we're working on your final proposals. also included in your packet is an update, the most recent update on the funds distributed through the revolving loan fund. so in case you are interested in knowing what businesses have received for the revolving loan fund. that is there for you. and then february 17th is the council of district merchants 60th-year anniversary event. and then i wanted to provide for you, chris and i have been talking about standing items that we need to now start calendaring in terms of regular presentations. so in your report is just a list of items that we are going to be working to -- we're going to be providing for the commission as standing items presentations and now that we have two meetings a month, these will likely be our second meeting of the month, unless we have a
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heavy legislative calendar. because some of are city staff presentations. so that is a better time to have them come and provide you with a presentation. so with that, that concludes my director's report, unless you have any questions. >> any commissioner questions? thank you, director dick-endrizzi. >> next item. >> commissioners all right 11 and i apologize for including this on the agenda is the legislative and policy report and the committee did not meet last month. my apologizes. item 12, outreach committee report. >> we spent most of our time talking about the area code situation. we also touched on a couple of other subjects and i want to bring you up-to-date. we're tossing ideas about the
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ten-year anniversary and we're thinking that we might want to tag that onto small business week and perhaps have a reception for our former and present commissioners. i for one would love to meet some of these folks, and see what they have to say about what is going on. so we would certainly welcome, if anyone on the commission has some other ideas about how best to honor our former commissioners. also, you know, we want to put out a press release that would reach fairly broadly, just reminding people that we are the only chartered small business commission in the united states. so i think that is a good opportunity to bring that up, and perhaps get some press from that. we have been working on outreach committee since 2009 on the idea of commercial vacancy legislation, which would be involving very
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long-term vacancies, not just someone who just couldn't rent they are place for a while, but the type of things that we see in all of our neighborhoods where there has been an empty commercial building or storefront for 25 years. we have spent a lot of time going into this and doing a lot of research and at this time, the director gave us an overview of where we are at this point and we seem to have a few hiccups how to move forward. i sent that information on to supervisor chiu, because he has been very interested in adding this type of legislation with what he already introduced about residential vacancies. so at this point he has agreed to take this on in his department and we'll be moving forward based on our research, and i will be working with him
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and keeping you in touch with anything that he wants from us moving forward on that. that is my report. >> great. thank you. >> commissioners, item 13, president's report. >> first, small business week. we are getting close to reaching our financial goals for small business week. and we're actually meeting this friday. so i will have more to tell you at our next meeting later this month, but we're coming up with our theme for the week. we're going to be doing flavors. we're also working on a morning -- . evening. >> an evening reception. like we did last year. and also, i guess procurement with the city and small business. >> we're still working that out. >> we're still working on a lot of things
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>> it's looking less and less likely. >> the most important thing we're reaching our financial goals for small business week. like i said, i will have probably more later this month, because we're meeting this friday. and with that, i did attend a neighborhood empowerment network awards last wednesday. i have to tell you, that was win the better attended nen awards and i want to publicly thank daniel holmesley. he did a fantastic job this year. the recipients out of the area. with that that is my report. >> commissioners, item 14 vice president's report. >> no report that the time. >> next item.
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>> commissioners item 15, commissioner reports? >> i have a report. >> okay. >> just two things. i attended the district 3 meeting, which included all of the commercial areas of district 3, and that was very interesting to hear what the priorities were. i would say probably the no. 1 priority was public safety. that was what came up. and i guess that is no surprise, but that was a very strong message. the other thing i wanted to mention, which ties in very well with regina's report about christian murdock is that the north beach business association has requested and is going to be having a summit sponsored by supervisor chiu around the problems of the ada,
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of state, federal and city. members of the merchants association met last year with senator leno's office and senator feinstein's office and they are extremely enthusiastic about holding this summit, and trying to figure out some way to fill in those gaps. especially senator feinstein is very, very much interested in working at the federal level on this. so i'm really happy to see that we'll have more information when that comes about. we're just starting to figure out a time for that and i'm sure we will be participating in that session. and i think it's something that we all really will be excited to see if we can get something going within that. that is it for me. >> any other commissioner comments? >> next item.
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>> commissioners, item 16, public comment. >> do we have any members of the public who wish to make a comment? welcome:members of the public will have three minutes to speak. if you could please state your name and we ask that you state your name prior to speaking. [ inaudible ] >> i am the owner of a small business, a taste of new orleans cajun. i received a certificate of completion from the mobile foods track and received a loan for $5,000 which i bought some equipment. my question was it was somewhat brought to my attention, we're supposed to get -- someone is supposed to get a catering truck and someone was supposed to use a food cart for one year free. i would like to know if that still would be going on?
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>> the city doesn't have a program in regards to a truck or a cart. i can check and see if that is something that las casina -- i think las casina may have had such a program working with their clients. but that is the only entity that i know that may have provided some sort of support around that. >> well, they mentioned it. they wanted to get a food cart for a female, but she says she didn't want it, just like that. $14,000. >> is that also something that was working with oawd in the fillmore? did you return to any of the workshops in the fillmore? >> i did. i have my certificate like here. >> all right. so that must have been part of a program that was done in the fillmore around oewd. so what i should do is get your information and
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then i can look into it and get back to you. >> yes, please do. >> and i will give you my business card. >> yes, please do because the word came out that the program was for women, but men could come. i 45 years' experience of cooking and i think i should at least qualify for a food cart for a year if they said they didn't want it and they were not a graduate of this. so i think i should get something out of it. >> all right. so i'm giving you my business card and then if i could get your name and if you could provide chris with your name and phone number. then i will follow-up and find out what is happening with the program. >> all right. >> our meeting will be completed in just about two minutes and i will follow-up with you. >> thank you. >> any other general public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. next item, please. >> commissioners all right 17, new business? >> do we have any new business
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for the commission? seeing none, next item. >> commissioners, item 18 is adjournment, is there a motion to adjourn? >> i move. >> second. >> i will >> all in favor? >> aye. >> the meeting is adjourned the meeting is adjourned at 7:00 p.m. >> the annual celebration of hardly strictly bluegrass is always a hit now completing itself 12 year of music in the incredible golden gate park.
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>> this is just the best park to come to. it's safe. it's wonderful and such a fun time of the year. there is every kind of music you can imagine and can wander around and go from one stage to another and just have fun. >> 81 bands and six stages and no admission. this is hardly strictly bluegrass. >> i love music and peace. >> i think it represents what is great about the bay area. >> everyone is here for the music and the experience. this is why i live here. >> the culture out here is amazing. it's san francisco. >> this is a legacy of the old warren hel ment and receive necessary funding for ten years after his death. >> there is a legacy that started and it's cool and he's
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done something wonderful for the city and we're all grateful. hopefully we will keep this thing going on for years and years to come. >> hey, guys, known a with the weekly. much to do and much to see. here the top activities at the top of my list. this tuesday, january 15th, the sf main library will feature free film night and reception and celebrate 2013. join itbs for viewing soul food
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junkieses, history and cultural significance of soul food, black cultural identity. across the street from the library at grove street. after movie might, learn about the 21st sea lion anniversary. this thursday through next monday, pier 39 will feature sea lion experts and celebration of 23rd anniversary of their arrival. become sea lion savvy and learn about marine life and state conservation on sea lay i don't know encounter. need to shed holiday pounds or want to bike ride? great. this saturday you're invited to bicycle with the san francisco midnight mystery ride as they set out to a new mystery location in sf. where to meet, post their locationses on the website and facebook page to answer. only the ride leader knows where they're going so bring your sense of adventure. rides are generally around five miles and all levels of cyclists are welcome. and that's the weekly buzz. for more information about any of these events visit us at sf
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grouch tv.or >> just a little pack of pad located at the bottom of russian hill, the secret garden with an intimate and captivating appeal. carefully tucked away, at the bottom of lumbar street, the park makes the top of our list for the most intimate picnic setting. avoid all tourist cars by hopping on the cable car. or the 30, 45, 41 or 91 bus. this is the place to tell someone something special or the place to declare to friends and family the commitment you two share. reservations are available with